The CMH Board

The Center Meeting House of Newbury, NH, is a new organization for an old building.  It was formed in 2005 as a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization.

The Board of Directors owns the Center Meeting House on behalf of its members. This Board is responsible for overseeing the efforts to carefully and lovingly restore this beautiful building, as well as maintain it for generations to come. The Directors are elected for three-year terms by the members of this organization.

Everyone is invited to become a member of the Center Meeting House.  Come join us in this great adventure unfolding in the town of Newbury! Click HERE for more information.

Joy B. Nowell, Chair, 2016

Ivor Freeman, Vice Chair, 2016

Kathy Bashaw, Secretary, 2015

Jay Gamble, 2019

Judy Healey, 2018

Chuck Kennedy

Maureen Rosen,  Publicity, 2017

Patricia Sherman, Treasurer, 2016

Dan Wolf, 2018

Honorary Board Members

Ginny Kennedy

Alice Lynn

William Weiler