Using the Center Meeting House

Building Capacity

The main floor of the Center Meeting House accommodates 200 people in box pews. There is no additional space for chairs. The choir loft can seat about 25 additional people. The capacity of the Center Meeting House is not determined by us: it is set by the Fire Marshall and we are required to abide by it. 

Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing

In keeping with its nineteenth-century origin, the Center Meeting House does not have heating, air conditioning or plumbing.

Restroom Facilities

Restroom facilities not located inside the building, but are available in the Town Office, adjacent to the Center Meeting House, as part of your booking fee.

Wheelchair Access

The Center Meeting House is wheelchair accessible, and the building accommodates space for wheelchairs to the left of the pulpit.

Food and Drink

There is no food preparation area in the Center Meeting House. Any refreshments must be brought with you, fully prepared. Please note that food must be served ONLY in the foyer our outside the building.


Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the building, with the exception of that used for ceremonial purposes. Please notify us in advance.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the Center Meeting House or on the grounds.

Flowers and Decorations

Flowers are the responsibility of the party reserving the building.

No materials of any kind are to be attached by any means to any surface of the building’s interior or exterior.


A manual pump organi is available and may be played by a qualified organist. Live music may be performed and electrical service is available for recorded music. Sound equipment is not available but may be brought.

Lighting and Candles

The auditorium is lighted only be ambient light from outside the building. While electrical outlets are available, there are no accommodations for spotlights or stage lighting. Any special lighting equipment you provide will be your sole responsibility. Please note that NO halogen lighting is allowed, and maximum 100-watt bulbs are permitted.

Battery-operated candles may be used. Candles with open flame may only be permitted in the presence of a fire warden armed with a fire extinguisher.

Religious Services

Religious services have been held in the Center Meeting House since it was built in the 1830s. Different denominations have used the building in keeping with the New England tradition of welcoming any congregation in the community.


A wedding reservation allows the family access to the building for a rehearsal dinner and for two hours before the event and two hours after the event. This allows for flowers and decorations to be brought in and removed, rehearsal time and setup for musicians, etc.

This building has a reverse pulpit – meaning that the pulpit is located at the front of the building as you enter. In addition, the pews are accessed via two side aisles.  This means there is no center aisle for a processional or recessional march.  Aisle runners are therefore not necessary.

Rice, bubbles and confetti or anything of the kind may not be used inside or outside the Center Meeting House.  Birdseed or flower petals may be thrown outside the building.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Funerals are usually arranged in coordination with a local funeral home that can take care of reserving the Center Meeting House and attending to the details of the service. The space between the pulpit and pews is can accommodate a casket.

Memorial services may be arranged either through a local funeral home or by contact us directly.

Booking an Event

To reserve the Center Meeting House, an application must be filled out; please contact us if you need one. Bookings should be made at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure that the building will be available on the desired date.

Fees for Use

A nonrefundable deposit of $75 is required to reserve the Center Meeting House for any type of event. This will be applied to the fee quoted.

The fee for use of the Center Meeting House is $200-500, depending on the type of event and your specific needs. This includes use of the building and custodial services for both before and after the event.

To hold your reservation, all fees due must be paid one month prior to the date of the event. In the case of funerals and memorial services, the fee is due at the time of the reservation.

Checks should be made payable to the Center Meeting House and mailed to us. Please contact us if you need more information.

PLEASE NOTE: these guidelines may change from time to time without notice.