Sponsor a Pew

Come into the Center Meeting House with me and travel down a few memories to the present.  Back in 1832, it is said, a pew was not sponsored.  A pew was owned!  Pew owners even got a title to their pews.

Over the years, that system came under stress as the Center Meeting House was used less and less and the cost of maintaining it became more and more of a burden.  Newbury’s population was in decline.  One hundred years after its construction, in 1932,  the pew owners turned their titles over to a new Board of Trustees and left the care and support of the building in the trustees’ hands.

Since 2005 the Center Meeting House’s Board of Directors have been elected by the organization’s members, who have been tasked with the goal of raising the funds needed to restore and maintain this beautiful building. One way we’ve been funding this effort is by return to the traditional sponsorship of pews.

The major result of a pew sponsorship is the leaving of a legacy for generations to come. Only a few are left, so if you are interested, please contact us.