The Capital Crime of Witchcraft

3 Oct

Join us in the Center Meeting House Sunday, October 29th at 2:00PM for THE CAPITAL CRIME OF WITCHCRAFT.  You may think you know all about the witch trials in Salem.  You may think the witch trials of the colonial era were nothing but a free for all of hysteria.  Margo Burns whose ancestor, Rebecca Nurse, was hanged in Salem in 1692 explores an array prosecutions in 17th century New England, using facsimiles of primary source manuscripts, from first formal complaints arrest warrants, indictments of formal charges to death warrants, and the reversals of attainder and rescinding of excommunications years after the fact.  She demonstrates how methodically and logically the Salem Court worked.  Although the program focuses on the Salem Witchcraft trials of 1692 and 1693 when 19 people were hanged and one crushed to death, Margo Burns also examines a variety of other cases against women in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.  After this NH Humanities program there will be no tricks…only treats with lots of homemade goodies.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, the 19th of November, at 2:00 PM. is our annual Thanks for Giving Program which recognizes an individual or group who make life in Newbury better.  This year please join us to recognize and say thank you   to the Newbury Highway Department followed by refreshments in the Vet’s Hall.

On Sunday, December 3rd at 5:00PM we will ring in the holiday season with Christmas carols in the Center Meeting House followed by the lighting of Alice’s Tree, Newbury’s Town Christmas Tree.  Then we head over to the Vet’s Hall for refreshments and warmth.

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